Los Hermanos Bridewell Beer Garden

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

The Bridewell Beer Garden Grand Opening Weekend, on Saturday, July the 4th will be hosting the mouth-watering Los Hermanos!

"We are 2 brothers, one trained chef and one loveable genius, and together we're on a mission to make your mouth water with deliciousness. Tasty, inventive street food with a difference, and inspired by our Spanish father, our baps and dishes will keep you coming back again and again. Our goal is to bring quality food, quality ingredients prepared with love and attention, to the street."

Excerpt taken from our Partner, Bristol Eat's website. To visit the website CLICK HERE

We cannot wait to welcome all of our guests, as well as Los Hermanos to the Bridewell Beer Garden. Take a look below to see how they describe their food!

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Los Hermanos Combinados is born out of two brothers love for cooking and eating great tasting food that you can really get your teeth into. Big, bold flavours hitting you in the head every single time, whether it be pork, beef, poultry, vegetarian or vegan. Danny has just left a Michelin star kitchen and has been working in top end restaurants for the last few years, so we’re going to hit the street with restaurant quality food at street food prices. Everything is made fresh, with passion and love, through a combination of brining, smoking, curing, matched with vegetables and punchy sauces, all locally and sustainably sourced. Some examples of our food are; sugar cured pork belly, braised ox cheeks, confit and rolled lamb shoulder and chicken leg ballantines. All served with our signature potato salad, mac and cheese, cassoulet or however you choose to mix it up. Hitting up festivals, markets, fairs, pop ups, or maybe just outside your office block, look out for us on Twitter and right here on Facebook to see where you can find us. Get ready for a taste you’ll remember. Lets cook!!

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