Kabala Kitchen, Bridewell Beer Garden Sunday Takeover

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

For our Grand Opening weekend we are keeping things very fresh, by bringing you a different trader on Saturday and Sunday! This Sunday, on July 5th we will be welcoming, in conjunction with Bristol Eats - the Vegan-Friendly Kabala Kitchen!

Vegan street food serving innovative and healthy twists on comfort food classics. Pop-up supper clubs, festival catering and events.

Taken from Bristol Eat's website, visit here


We cannot wait to see what Kabala will be dishing out on Sunday. If you're planning a visit I'd suggest trying one of their delicious and massive, hotdogs; they're bursting with rich, plant-based flavours! Here are a few of our favourite food snaps...


Kabala Kitchen was set up in late 2016 by duo Alice and Richard

Their aim is to create dishes which are based on familiar, ‘comfort food’ favourites. These dishes that inspire the menu are often the most meat- and dairy-filled, so there is a certain amount of experimentation and innovation involved to “veganise” them, resulting in an often unusual twist on the classic. As a result, the dishes are exciting, healthier and inclusive: they are suitable for herbivores and omnivores alike.

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